TOO - Separation valve

TOO Bermad Separation valve oil water

The BERMAD model TOO is a specific gravity sensitive valve, for the automatic draining of a heavier fluid from a lighter fluid.

Commonly used for the draining of water accumulated in the bottom of petroleum product storage tanks where the stored medium has a lower specific gravity than that of the accumulated water. The TOO valve should be opened to initiate dewatering. When all the accumulated water has drained from the storage tank the presence of product will be sensed by the TOO valve and it will automatically and immediately shut off drip tight. When fitted with the optional factory fitted limit switch, a signal can be sent to a remote valve position monitoring system, signaling that the valve is closed. 

It is well suited for use with storage tanks containing Gasoline, Gas Oil, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Diesel Oil, Crude Oil and all Petroleum products including Light Crude Oil. The TOO uses a simple and reliable principle with a straightforward and compact construction, designed to require minimal maintenance, and to last the lifetime of the tank. 

Using the TOO can save product loss, work hours, and increase available tank storage space. It is environmentally cleaner, safer, more reliable and efficient compared to manual or other methods Each valve is assembled and tested in the BERMAD ISO 9000 and 9001 certified manufacturing plant. 

Introduced to the industry in 1997 the TOO is a time proven product in use in over 20 countries worldwide and backed by the Global Service Network of BERMAD.


Features and Benefits

  • Reduced technicians exposure to harmful product fumes
  • Eliminates product spillage during dewatering
  • Integral strainer for reliable sealing
High Performance
  • Immediate closing response when product detected
  • High accuracy / repeatability
  • High drain flow efficiency
  • Built in Anti Vortex Device, for efficient controlled flow
Cost Effective
  • Very low maintenance
  • No external power supply needed
  • Increases available product storage space
  • Saves in work hours
  • Greatly reduces the plants total water treatment volume

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