TOR - Separation valve

TOR Bermad Separation valve oil water

The BERMAD model TOR is a normally open specific gravity sensitive valve, which closes upon sensing the lighter of two fluids.

It is commonly used as a safety requirement for the draining of rainwater from floating roofs of petroleum product storage tanks. In the event of storage product ingress into the drain tubing, the BERMAD TOR Valve will sense the presence of the product and will immediately close, preventing product loss and spillage.
The BERMAD model TOR is a normally open valve installed on the outlet drain pipeline exiting the storage tank. It presents a constant open passage ready to drain any water that accumulates on the storage tank roof and ready to immediately close in the event of product ingress into the drain system.
When the TOR closes, the factory fitted magnetic proximity switch can immediately send a feedback signal to a remote position monitoring system, alerting the relevant authority and enabling speedy corrective action.
It uses a simple reliable principle with a straightforward and compact construction. The TOR is designed to require minimum maintenance, and to last the lifetime of the tank.

Each valve is assembled and fully tested in the BERMAD ISO 9000 and 9001 certified manufacturing plant.

Introduced to the industry in 1997 the TOR is a time proven product in use in over 20 countries worldwide and backed by the Global Service Network of BERMAD.

Features and Benefits

  • High accuracy
  • Rapid reaction
  • Very low maintenance
  • No external power supply needed
  • Integral Strainer
  • Open / Closed Position Indicator / Alarm
  • Integral Automatic Air Vent / Air Eliminator
  • Limit Switch: Atex or Nema Div. 1/Zone 1 hazardous areas approved

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