BERMAD - General

Offering solutions to achieve growth through, optimal water management, total fire protection and irrigation in a world awakening to the vital importance of conserving our most precious resource.

A comprehensive line of water control products provides system solutions for the full range of agricultural, irrigation applications including drip irrigation, pivot systems, sprinklers, micro-jets and greenhouse irrigation as well as covering commercial and residential gardening irrigation needs.




From water source all the way to the last emitter, BERMAD offers a comprehensive line of dedicated hydraulic control valves for the full range of agricultural and horticulture needs.


Waterworks BERMAD offers management systems for the supply and treatment of water and wastewater covering a range of applications from high-rise buildings, and whole municipalities, to comprehensive water systems for industrial facilities, hydroelectric power stations, and private sector projects.


From the national water carrier through to the final consumer at home, BERMAD supplies hydraulic control valves with a wide range of time-proven products.


Automatic control valves with a range of operation modes are the vital components in fire protection systems for oil refineries, petro-chemical plants and public buildings

Fire Protection



For total Fire Protection in the Power, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas (PPOG) arenas and other high risk, high value facilities, BERMAD offers a comprehensive line of cost effective, reliable and long-lasting Automatic Control Valves.

Fire Protection



Based on expertise that comes from years of hands-on experience, BERMAD has developed state-of-the-art control valves and related products, along with comprehensive system solutions for a range of water management needs.

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The range of products consists mainly of the following product groups:

700, 800, 400, 200 and 100 Series - Hydraulic, diaphragm and piston actuated control valves for multi-purpose applications. The Series ranges from ¾"; DN20 to 48"; DN1200 with working pressures up to 40 bar.
900 Series - Hydrometers combining control valve and water meter for irrigation applications and municipal water control systems
700E/Y and 400E/Y - Deluge valves certified for fire protection applications


Strainers - Protection devices for courser contamination in firefighting installations as well as waterworks.
Separation valves - Gravity sensitive valves for draining oil tank rooftops or removing accumulated water at the bottom of the tank with safety closure.
Air valves - Valves for releasing or adding air to water systems.

BERMAD diaphragm valves control functions:

  • • Pressure reducing and sustaining
  • • Flow and level control
  • • Pump, surge and burst control
  • • Solenoid, electronic, multi-step digital operation
  • • Main modes of operation include electric and hydraulic On/Off operation, as well as hydraulic pre-set for modulation

Quality Assurance throughout the manufacturing process keeps BERMAD products in compliance with ISO 9001-2000, in addition to a range of international quality and ecology standards such as NSF, CT, OVGW, DVGW, BELGAQUA, WRAS, as well as being UL Listed and FM Approved, while ensuring efficiency, rapid turnaround and always-on-schedule delivery