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Water Control Solutions

Back-up safety feature

A failsafe mechanism designed for critical or sensitive water systems where continuous operation of control valves is crucial. This double safety feature is based on a third control chamber that is integrated into the valve’s regular actuator. The third Control Chamber acts as a hot-backup mechanism for ensuring continuous operation of the control system in the event of malfunction in the valve’s main control loop or diaphragm. During regular operation the failsafe mechanism is on standby, monitoring the main control loop. Once the operation of the valve deviates from its designated control parameters, the third chamber control loop immediately kicks-in replacing the operation of the faulty one. An optional dry contact switch can be added for triggering an alarm circuit whenever the failsafe mechanism is activated.
Product Features & Benefits
  • Integral triple chamber design with two chambers on regular operation and one on standby, ensuring continuous operation of the control valve in case of main control loop or diaphragm malfunction.
  • ƒƒDual purpose failsafe mechanism for duplicating the primary control or shutting the valve off in case of emergency.
  • ƒƒOptional dry contact switch for triggering alarm circuits when the failsafe mechanism is activated.
  • ƒƒSimple and easy to install design, allowing on-site retrofitting of any installed 700 series valve by adding the failsafe mechanism without the need to remove the valve from the water line.
  • ƒƒDurable design suitable for highly intensive operation.
  • ƒƒHigh quality construction materials ensure reliable, resilient and long lasting operation.
  • ƒƒAdvanced hydraulic design ensures drip tight sealing.
  • ƒƒStraightforward balanced design including an actuator that can be easily disassembled from the valve body as a separate integral unit for minimal downtime and easy on-site inline maintenance.
  • ƒƒRemovable seat assembly offers easy on-site inline maintenance.
Typical Product Applications

The additional third Failsafe Control Chamber can be added to any BERMAD 700 series valve installed at a mission critical water control system in various applications such as:

  • Pressure reduction
  • Level control
  • Pressure management
  • Flow control
  • On-Off control