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Pressure Sustaining Pilot Valve Model #3

This Pressure Sustaining Pilot Valve Model #3 integrates all principal functions of a 2-Way control circuit in a single assembly. It is a direct acting valve, actuated by a pressure responsive diaphragm, which tends to reach equilibrium with the set spring force. When used in a pressure relief/sustaining circuit, the pilot modulates open as upstream pressure rises above set point. An integral needle valve acts as an upstream flow restrictor as well as a closing speed control.
Product Features & Benefits
  • Integral needle valve
  • Internal or external pressure sensing
  • Differential pressure sensing
  • Direct pressure gauge installation
Typical Product Applications
  • Pressure Relief/Sustaining Valve sizes 6-14” (Standard Model #3)
  • Differential Pressure Sustaining Valve sizes 6-14” (Modified to differential sensing #3D)
  • Surge Anticipating Valve sizes 11/2-4” as high pressure pilot (Standard Model #3)

WW Pilot Model 3