WW-Large Size Valve- 24"-36"

WW-Large Size Valve- 24"-36"- Hydraulic Control Valve

WW-Large-Size-Valve--24-36BERMAD 24", 28", 30", 32", 36", 40", 42", 48" 700  Series large size control valves are hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated type.

The valve is comprised of two major components: the body assembly and the actuator assembly.
The actuator assembly is removable from the body as an integral unit. It consists of a lower & upper control chamber. It can be converted on-site from single to double chambered actuator and vice-versa according to the required control function.

These valves are designed for large flow applications (On-off valve, pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, pump control, level control, check valve, flow control, burst control, emergency shut-off valve etc.), where precise control is needed.

  • Large scale pumping systems
  • National and municipal water networks
  • Reservoir and dam water level control
  • Industrial water systems


Typical Applications

  • Globe pattern wide body with semi-straight flow:
    • Higher flow (Kv; Cv) than standard globe pattern
    • Higher resistance to cavitation damage
  • Double chambered actuator as standard: Fast opening and non-slam closing characteristic
    • Reliable drip tight seal
    • Wide range of control function
    • Accurate control
    • Application flexibility even after installation
    • Independent cushioned action check valve
    Easy access design:
    • In-line serviceable
    • Quick remove actuator (minimal downtime)
    • On-site and in-line replaceable seat
  • Wide range of options and accessories
    • One-way or two-way flow configuration
      Wide variety of control accessories easily added on-site
  • Servo-check – Independent action non slam check feature