Model 720-PD

Model 720-PD - Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve

Model_720-PDThe Model 720-PD Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that reduces higher upstream pressure to lower downstream pressure at a fixed ratio.



Features and Benefits

  • Line pressure driven – Independent operation
  • Elegant simplicity
    • Most cost effective
    • Simple to maintain
    • Minimal external accessories
  • Variety of reduction ratios – Perfect mission matching
  • Built-in check feature – Replacing line sized check valve
  • In-line serviceable – Easy maintenance
  • Double chamber
    • Moderated valve reaction
    • Protected diaphragm
  • Flexible design – Easy addition of features
  • Semi-straight flow – Non-turbulent flow
  • Stainless Steel raised seat – Cavitation damage resistant
  • Obstacle free, full bore – Uncompromising reliability
  • V-Port Throttling Plug – Low flow stability


Typical Applications

There are two major applications for the Model 720-PD Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve:

  • Long downhill lines:
  • Systems A1 and A2 prevent the downhill line from exceeding its pressure rating.
  • High differential pressure systems:
  • System B reduces cavitation damage and noise level by distributing the load of the high differential pressure.
  • System C illustrates protecting a circulation valve from high differential pressure and resultant severe cavitation.
  • System D shows protecting a level control valve from high differential pressure.