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Water Control Solutions

FP 400E-3D

BERMAD 400E-3D Deluge Valve operates by an electric 3-Way Solenoid Valve, which actuates a Hydraulic Relay Pilot Valve and requires a listed System Control Panel with a compatible electric detection System. The specific-trim for 400E-3D Deluge Valve includes a Hydraulic Relay Pilot Valve (HRV). The HRV is normally held closed by the actuating pressure  maintained in the Hydraulic Supply System, and a Manual Emergency Release. In fire conditions, the fire activates the Detection System. The system’s control panel reacts and opens the Solenoid valve, releasing pressure from the HRV and causing it to open. The open HRV releases the pressure from the upper chamber, allowing the Deluge Valve to open. Water enters the system piping and flows from any open sprinklers an/or spray nozzles. Deluge Systems are commonly used where it is desirable to simultaneously spray water from all open sprinklers and/or nozzles while the system is operating.

Features and Benefits:
  • 3-way solenoid valve – Flexible configuration
  • Remote reset – Shut-off on remote command
  • One-piece molded diaphragm-Only moving part, No maintenance required
  • Simple design – Cost effective
  • Obstacle-free Full bore – Uncompromising reliability
  • Factory pre-assembled trim – Out-of-box quality
  • In-line serviceable – Minimal down time

FP 400E 3D IOM English

FP 400E-3D-RL Product Page English