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Water Control Solutions

FP 730-59

The BERMAD Model FP 730-59 combines fire pump relief with a pre-opening feature to anticipate pump start-up surge. The valve opens fully by means of an electric override upon the start-up and continues to perform as a pressure relief valve. The valve offers reliable performance for high capacity fire pump systems.

Features and Benefits:
  • Hydraulically powered valve design – Eliminates jamming problems
  • Dual parallel pilot valve system, hydraulic & electric
  • Continues to act as relief valve upon electric failure
  • Quick response with minimal power requirement
  • Hydro-efficient body design
    • Wide rangeability
    • Unrestricted flow path
  • Double chambered unitized actuator
    • Easy, inline inspection ensures minimal down time
    • Quick and smooth valve action

FP 730-59 Data Sheet