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Model 710-20

The Model 710-20 Solenoid Controlled Valve with Check Feature is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that either opens fully or shuts off in response to electric signals. The check feature prevents reverse flow through the valve.  
Product Features & Benefits
  • Line pressure driven
    • Independent operation
    • No motor required
    • Long term drip tight sealing
  • Solenoid controlled
    • Low power consumption
    • Low cost wiring
    • Wide ranges of pressures and voltages
    • Normally Open, Normally Closed, or Last Position
  • Check feature
    • Cost effective pumping
    • Zonal return flow prevention
    • Replacing line sized check valve
  • In-line serviceable – Easy maintenance
  • Double chamber
    • Non-slam closing characteristic
    • Protected diaphragm
  • Flexible design – Easy addition of features
Typical Product Applications

Automatic Refreshing of Reservoirs This valve is installed as a short cut between the reservoir supply line and the pump discharge line to the distribution system. The Model 710-20 presents three major advantages:

  • Saving energy and expensive pumping hours when supply pressure is sufficient
  • Enabling automatic refreshing of water in the reservoir
  • Ensuring uninterrupted supply during reservoir maintenance



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