AMD with Adjustable Regulator

AMD with Adjustable Regulator - Model AMD-74

EasyLock_BIG_GalleryThe Bermad AMD Air Maintenance Device is an automatic pressure regulating type that automatically controls the supplied air pressure to a constant preset value. it is suited for use in a dry pilot actuated Deluge system, Dry Pipe or Preaction systems. The AMD shall be utilized in applications where there is a compressed air or nitrogen source, which is provided at a higher pressure than the desired system pressure, including a fieldadjustable pressure regulator. The supply system shall include an air tank, (separately provided) connected to the specific port. Major components illustrated in Figure 1 are factory assembled.

Features and Benefits

Construction Materials:

Brass accessories and Stainless steel fittings

  • Maximum Inlet Air (or Nitrogen) Supply Pressure:

12 bar / 175 psi

  • Field-Adjustable Outlet Pressure Range:

1.0 to 7.0 bar / 15 to 100 psi


  • All Stainless steel 316 (model: AMD-74-N)

AMD inlet and outlet Pressure gauges

Principle of Operation

The AMD Air Pressure Maintenance Device regulates and restricts airflow. The By-Pass Valve [1] in the AMD is opened to instantly fill the system during the initial pressurization. Once the required system pressure has been reached, the By-Pass Valve closes and will be locked with a Tamper-Proof arrangement to allow restricted airflow through the fixed orifice. The Air Supply Isolating Valve [2] must be in the open position to place the AMD in the automatic operation mode. If a small leak in the system occurs, the Pressure Regulator [3] will automatically maintain system pressure at the preset level. The Restriction orifice [4] in the tube fitting limits the flow of air from the Pressure Regulator into the system to a value, which is significantly lower than it will be exhausted by a release device operation. The device will maintain air pressure in the system for

a limited period of time in the event that the air supply is interrupted. Installation The AMD Automatic Air Maintenance Device must be installed in accordance with the following instructions:

1. The air or nitrogen supply provided to the Air Pressure Maintenance Device must be continuous, clean, dry, and oil free.





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