FP 400E-DP

FP 400E-DP - Dry Pipe Control Valve

FP_400E-DP_Big_GalleryThe BERMAD Model 400E-DP, Dry Pipe Control Valve, is suitable for dry pipe systems with automatic sprinklers attached to a dry sprinkler piping system, with a supplementary electric monitoring system and a Pneumatic Supervised System of air pressure in the system piping,installed in the same area. The Supervised System consists of a Pneumatic Pilot Valve, pneumatic low pressure supply, and an additional listed check valve, including trim with low pressure switch, installed downstream from the Control Valve.

Features and Benefits

  • Latch open – Closes only upon local reset
  • Factory pre-assembled trim – Out-of box-quality
  • Advanced globe wide body design
  • Peripherally supported, one-piece balanced rolling-diaphragm with rugged radial seal disk
  • Reliable drip tight, leak-proof seal under all conditions
  • Only one moving assembly


Typical Applications

  • Freezing conditions
  • Dry Sprinklers Systems




The BERMAD Model FP 400E-DP, Dry Pipe Control Valve admits water into the sprinkler piping only when the PORV is activated due to the supervised system pressure drop.