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Water Control Solutions

FP 400E-5X

The Bermad Remote Controlled 400E-5X On-Off valves replace motor driven valves or actuated quarter turn valves. They are especially suitable for oscillating or remote controlled Monitors, and for installation in modern foam systems where a shut-off function is required. The Hydraulic actuation with boosted local pressure release from the valve’s control chamber, provides maximum safety also in systems with long hydraulic remote control piping lines.
Features and Benefits
  • 3-Way control system – Avoids continuous releasing
  • Simple design – Cost effective
  • Smooth opening and closing characteristics – Prevents water surge
  • One-piece vulcanized diaphragm – Reliability
  • Quick cover removal – Minimal downtime
  • Remote reset – Shut-off on remote command

FP 400E 5X Product Page English

FP 400E 3X Product Page English