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Water Control Solutions

Large Control Filter

The Large Control Filter is used for filtration of dirty control fluid that would quickly block a smaller filter element. This larger filter increases the reliability of the control valve system and time between maintenance, while minimizing faulty operation. Large Control Filter types:
  • Type F: Standard
  • Type Super F: Double size filter element
Product Features & Benefits

Standard construction

  • Body: carbon steal, Epoxy Red coated
  • Lid: Brass
  • Axle & Nut: SS 304
  • Filters: polypropyleen
  • Seals: NBR O-rings

Stainless steal construction:

  • Body: SS 316, uncoated
  • Lid: SS 316, uncoated
  • Axle & nut: SS 316
  • Filters: polypropyleen
  • Seals: NBR O-rings

NAB constructie:

  • Body: Nickel-Aluminium-Bronz ASTM B148 C95800
  • Lid: Nickel-Aluminium-Bronz ASTM B148 C95800
  • Axle: Nickel-Aluminium-Bronz
  • Nut (dry): SS 316
  • Filters: polypropyleen
  • Seals: NBR O-rings

Maximum Temperature

  • Water: 180°F (80°C)

Pressure class

  • 350 psi (25 bar)


  • 3/8” NPT female


  •  6 lbs. (2.7 kg)

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