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Water Control Solutions

Model 910-MV

The BERMAD Model WW-910 integrates a vertical turbine Woltman-type water meter with a diaphragm actuated hydraulic control valve. The WW-910 either opens fully or shuts off in response to electric signals.
Product Features & Benefits
  • Integrated “All-in-One” Control Valve
    • Saves space, cost and maintenance
  • Line Pressure Driven
    • Independent operation
    • No motor required
    • Long term drip tight sealing
  • Solenoid controlled
    • Low power consumption
    • Low cost wiring
    • Wide ranges of pressures and voltages
    • Normally Open, Normally Closed or Last Position
  • Magnetic Drive with Vacuum-Sealed Register
    • Water-free gear train mechanism
    • Reed-switch and Opto pulse-generating modes
    • Various pulse combinations
  • Internal Inlet & Outlet Flow Straighteners
    • Saves on straightening distances
    • Maintains accuracy
  • Integrated Flow Metering Calibration Device
  •  User-Friendly Design
    • Simple in-line inspection and service
  • Flexible design – Easy addition of features

WW 910 IOM English

Engineering 900 Series