Water Motor Alarm

Water Motor Alarm

Water_Motor_Alarm_BIG_GalleryThe Water Motor Alarm is a hydromechanical automatic sound warning device actuated by water flow. It sounds a continuous alarm while a Deluge or Water Control Valve operates. This unit is suitable for wall or pipe mounting and is suited for outdoor installation. The Water Motor Alarm gong assembly package is supplied loose and includes a 3/4” strainer.

Features and Benefits


  • Self contained, line pressure operated
  • Quick and positive operation
  • Weather-proof
  • No cover needed, suited for outdoor installation


  • UL Listed
  • Option: FM Approved


  • Gong: Aluminum
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Bolts & Nuts: Galvanized Steel
  • Impeller: Delrin
  • Nozzle: Brass

End Connections

  • Inlet: 3/4” NPT (F)
  • Oulet drain: 1” NPT (F)


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